Sustainable tech info on the web

ok, this is very cool: a website about sustainable technology put together by Mykel Pereira. a high school student. Wind, solar, tidal, bioplastic, and more. Plus the site design is clean, though I’d shorten the line lengths a tad for easier scanning. Definitely worth a visit.

A method for dealing with excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that’s being explored: air capture. Capture it from point of release and store it at great depth, in rock or the ocean or as mineral carbonates. Of course, as Pereira points out, depositing the excess CO2 in the ocean would just exacerbate ocean acidification.

Geological formations are currentlyconsidered the most promising sequestration sites, and these are estimated to have a storage capacity of at least 2000 Gt CO2 (currently, 30 Gt per year of CO2 is emitted due to human activities).

Hmm. I wonder what the long-range consequences of injecting gaseous CO2 into rock are?

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