Shored Up, a Documentary in Progress

By Daniel de la Calle


Ben Kalina, my friend, coworker and associate producer of A Sea Change at Niijii Films has been working on a new documentary of his own titled Shored Up.  He is only a few months away from finishing and now needs our help to give it the last push, work on the editing and be done by next summer.

Please take a look at this video before you continue reading:


So, now that you know the kind and quality of work we are talking about, I was writing that Ben needs our help to do all the crucial editing and beauty touches and tweaks. You can see for yourselves he has gorgeous HD footage and a fascinating story, all the elements for a good documentary.  Two weeks ago he started a KICKSTARTER campaign and the response so far has been very good, but now he needs your support to get reach his $15,000 goal.  After seeing the trailer you too must think that $15,000 cannot stand in the way of this story and these images coming to full life.  Please click on this KICKSTARTER link and make a pledge of any kind.  They come in all shapes and sizes and you can even get some pretty enticing rewards in return.  I am offering you a rare chance to feel like a film producer without any of the hassles and very little investment.  How rare is that? Ask a producer!  Do you have $1?  Then you qualify!

 This is how Ben describes Shored Up:

is everyone’s story.  We fall in love with beaches and water as
kids, digging holes and making castles, and later learning to swim, surf,
fish.  Our oceans are mysterious and full of opaque wonder, and our love
for them can lull us to abandon reason.  How else can you explain pulling
on a wetsuit in a blizzard to wade into 35-degree water to catch some
waves?  And what logic drives us to build multi-million-dollar homes on
the edge of a thin strip of sand in the ocean that is at the mercy of storms
and currents?  Where is that child to remind us of what high tide will do
to our castles?

Tidal waves grab headlines, but in Shored Up we look at
ocean’s unyielding, relentless force on our coastlines — where the sea
rises up from below, washing over land, eating away at homes, roads…
entire communities. 
How far will we go to hold back the ocean – and is this even possible? 
Can we afford to pile enough sand on our shores to protect our coastal
communities?  And in the process of protecting them, will we destroy the
natural, wild environment that first drew us to the sea? On Long Beach
New Jersey and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, surfers, politicians,
scientists and residents are racing to answer these tough questions.”


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