Sea Level Rise, Ocean Warming and Ocean Acidification

By Daniel de la Calle

If you can spare 18 minutes, please watch this video of a conference about the oceans delivered by Professor Rob Dunbar, of Stanford University. I believe it was held in the Galapagos Islands not long ago. Professor Dunbar talks about sea level rise, ocean warming and about what “frightens [him] the most”, OCEAN ACIDIFICATION.
I also took the license to cut and paste the text (below) of an interesting experiment I read on It was written by a person that identifies him or herself as Devin Vollmer:
“A molecule of CO2 can react with a molecule of water to make 1 molecule
of H2CO3, dihydrogen carbonate (carbonic acid). The hydrogen atoms in
H2CO3 are weakly bound to their molecules and can enter solution as H+
ions, which increases the acidity (and decreases the pH) of the
solution. Try blowing bubbles with a straw into water colored with red
cabbage juice, which is a natural pH indicator. It will change color as
the CO2 from your breath acidifies the water.”

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