Pteropod inspired art

Phyllis Lam is a biology student at the University of Rochester. After recently watching A Sea Change in Dr. Terry Platt’s Biology class she wrote to Barbara Ettinger, our director, to thank her for the meaningful work the film is doing. She said: “I am shocked and concerned about the serious problem of ocean acidification. Global warming is what I often hear about, […] but after watching the film I became more aware of the impact of the increase in carbon dioxide emissions on earth and the lives of pteropods, organisms that support the food chains in the marine ecosystem.” Inspired by the viewing Phyllis drew a gorgeous painting dedicated to A Sea Change that “illustrates the gradual shrinking of the pteropods as the carbon dioxide emissions skyrocket”.
She has been so kind as to let us show it to you in this post.
Thank you, Phyllis, we are all very touched.

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