Al Gore testifies to House E&C Committee, mentions ocean acidification

In his testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Committee April 24, Al Gore said:

“Carbon dioxide pollution is changing the very chemistry of our oceans. Ocean acidification is already underway and is accelerating. A recentpaper published in the journal Science described how the seawater off the coast of Northern California has become so acidic from CO2 that it is now corrosive. To give some sense of perspective, for the last 44 million years, the average pH of the water has been 8.2. The scientists at Scripps measured levels off the north coast of California and Oregon at a pH of 7.75. Coral polyps that make reefs and everything that makes a shell are now beginning to suffer from a kind of osteoporosis becauseof the 25 million tons of CO2 absorbed the oceans every 24 hours.”

His complete statement is available on RealClearPolitics.

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