Barbara Ettinger


Barbara Ettinger is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work includes Martha and Ethel, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1995 and was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, Two Square Miles, which was broadcast on PBS and chronicles a grassroots battle against the incursions of a multinational cement plant, and most recently, A Sea Change.  This film tackles the immense and under-reported environmental issue of ocean acidification, which threatens the very survival of our ocean ecosystems. The story is told through the moving tale of a grandfather, Sven Huseby, his grandson Elias, and Sven’s round-the-world quest to learn what must be done to preserve the oceans for future generations.  A Sea Change was broadcast on Discovery’s Planet Green channel and has enjoyed a wide release through screenings organized by community groups, non-profits and educational institutions worldwide.
When not busy at work making films Barbara might be found on the tennis courts, behind her still camera or out walking with her two dogs and her husband Sven.

Sven Huseby


Sven Huseby co-produced Two Square Miles and serves on the board of several environmental organizations; he is a retired independent school head who worked as a teacher and administrator at The Putney School for 30 years. He remains involved with non-profits to build organizational capacity and to plan for the long term. He has a B.A. in history from Yale.
When not engaged in film work Sven can also be seen riding his bicycle around Columbia County, NY, and walking the dogs with his wife, Barbara.

Susan Cohn Rockefeller


Susan Cohn Rockefeller is an award-winning director and producer. Her recent projects include Making the Crooked Straight, which debuts on HBO USA April 14, 2010. Susan is currently in post-production with Striking a Chord, a film about the power of music to help heal the invisible wounds of war. Striking a Chord follows singer/songwriter Nell Bryden on her tour of American bases in Iraq. Susan sits on the board of the Alaska Conservation Foundation as well as the David Rockefeller Fund. She’s a member of the program committee for The Stone Barns for Sustainable Agriculture, and Chairwoman of Oceana’s Ocean Council.

Claudia Raschke-Robinson


Claudia Raschke-Robinson is an award-winning cinematographer. She is known for her work as DP on the feature documentary Mad Hot Ballroom, directed by Marilyn Agrelo and produced by Amy Sewell. She has filmed several documentary features presently nearing commercial release, including Shoot Down and Frame of Mind. Claudia has also received acclaim for her cinematography on fiction feature films, including The Last Good Time directed by Bob Balaban, starring Armin Muehler-Stahl and Olivia D'Abo, and No Way Home, directed by Buddy Giovinazzo, starring Tim Roth, Debora Unger, and James Russo.

Toby Shimin


Toby Shimin has edited numerous films, including Everything's Cool, A Leap of Faith, Martha and Ethel, and Out of the Past. Toby is a principal of Dovetail Films, a production and editing company she co-founded with Dina Guttmann in 2001. She began her film career as a sound editor, where she worked on such projects as Fire from the Mountain and Working Girls, which won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Toby studied film at Hampshire College, where she earned a Bachelors of Arts.

Ben Kalina


Ben Kalina directs, produces and edits documentary shorts, features and short fiction films. His latest fiction short, Diorama, won top prize for fiction filmmaking at the 2007 Sehseuchte film festival in Germany, Europe's largest student film festival, as well as top prize for fiction films at the Diamond Screen Film Festival. Ben's documentary credits include Co-Director of Leaps of Faith, Associate Producer of Two Square Miles, and Director/Producer for many short-form documentaries. Ben is pursuing his MFA at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Daniel de la Calle Gebele

Daniel de la Calle Gebele was born in the Canary Islands of Spain in the early 1970s.  He studied Translation,  Interpretation and Audiovisual Communication at the University of Málaga (Spain), the University of Passau (Germany) and the University College of Dublin (Ireland).  In 2000 he moved from Europe to NYC and worked at a record label while taking several photography courses at the International Center of Photography.  He has done various jobs in the film, television and music industries.  He worked as production photographer for A Sea Change, but likes to brag that he did more than that.  Working with Niijii Films has made it possible to pursue three of his passions: travel, photography and writing, something for which he is very thankful to Barbara, Sven and even Niijii.
He can also ride his bike, drive a car, scuba dive and paraglide, so in theory he could go almost anywhere.

Angela Alston


Angela Alston creates and manages community outreach campaigns for documentary films, together with her sister Gwen, through their company Moca Media. Their clients include Susan Cohn Rockefeller and the film Orgasm, Inc, for its world premiere at Hot Docs. Angela is also a maker of short films, including the award-winning Reclaiming Water (2003). Angela has an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA in biology and philosophy from Swarthmore College. She is a member of D-Word, an electronic community of documentary filmmakers and New York Women in Film and TV.

Gwendolyn Alson


Gwendolyn Alston has lived in Madrid for 20 years and is trilingual in French, Spanish, and English. She is founder of Moca Media, and divides her time between documentary outreach, online video production and vlogging. Her previous experience includes serving as marketing director and editor for Sintesis. Gwen has a doctorate from the University of Madrid in comparative literature and a bachelors degree from Vassar College.