Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sept. 13, American Museum of Natural History. Free! Filmmakers Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby present. 4 pm; W. 79th St.. and Central Park West.

Sat.,Sept. 26, 2009, 8 pm, Planet Green Network. Look for this channel on cable,Direct TV, and more. It's the  first & only 24-houreco-lifestyle TV network. A Sea Change airs as part of Planet Green's "Reel Impact" series. We're in terrific company: also airing are An Inconvenient Truth, Who Killed the Electric Car, and No-Impact Man.

Organize a house party and watch the telecast with your neighbors. We're working on setting up a quick way to email your representatives and express your concern about ocean acidification and the need for the US to lead the way in CO2 emission reduction at COP-15. The oceans aren't on the table at COP-15. We have to change that.

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World Oceans Day Q&A with Filmmakers of A Sea Change
Saturday, June 10, 2017

Following a screening of A Sea Change at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby answer questions about the film and ocean acidification. The plan was to receive tweeted questions and emails from other venues screening for World Oceans Day. Well, we couldn't get online: Verizon decided to test its cables during that one-hour period, alas. So no live webcast.

However, we did receive some questions from Spain. From Vilanova i la GeltrĂș, to be exact, in Catalonia. Outreach coordinator Angela Alston fielded those.

Moderating is Beacon Institute CEO John Cronin.

Our thanks to John and the Beacon Institute staff for making the screening and this video possible.

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A cool green case for your iPhone
Saturday, June 10, 2017

Well, our old cell phone was on the verge of dying. The body was cracked in two or three places. High time to upgrade massively because we're also wanting to tweet more frequently and generally be more accessible. Yet not carry our laptop everywhere. So we took the plunge into the 21st century.EcoShield

To protect our new investment, we needed a case. Imagine our pleasure at finding something recycled, right in the Apple Store: this cool case by Agent 18, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Peters for her advice and support during the transition!

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COP-15 for naught?
Saturday, June 10, 2017

You may have noticed the drop off in our blogging. We're finding Twitter a super convenient way to convey info quickly. There's a certain ease in the short-form format; we don't feel the need to craft our language quite as carefully. And it's unbeatable for live coverage of an event. If you've been following us, you know we tweeted quite a bit at Netroots Nation last week.

But we're hearing a bit about what's not going to happen in Copenhagen in December this year and want to devote a bit more space that topic.

Two recent stories in Grist:

Game theorist Bruce Bueno de Mesquita says COP-15 doomed already

Yvo de Boer of UN climate convention says 350 ppm is a pipe dream, that there's "no hope in hell."

Frankly, we're not relying on COP-15 anyway. Sure we're planning to show. But it's determined CITIZENS we're counting on, NOT GOVERNMENTS. Citizens are nimble; governments are ponderous—they move at the speed of old-school glaciers.

>And TIME IS JUST TOO SHORT TO DILLY DALLY and wait for someone else to save us.

We'll keep working on getting the word out about the connection between excess carbon dioxide and changing seawater chemistry. And the urgent need to cut emissions, starting at home.

We hope you'll join us.

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Helping get the word out
Saturday, June 10, 2017

We have two new partners helping get the word out about ocean acidification, and we're very grateful.Alternativechannel_web_contour_en

First, Alternative Channel, an international Web TV (in 3 languages) devoted to sustainable development. It's a free platform where citizens, corporations, NGOs and NPOs can share uploading videos about sustainable development and humanitarian causes. The channel has 100,000 monthly visitors coming from 156 different countries. Sustainable development is clearly a global concern.

And the North American Assocation for Environmental Education (NAAEE) is letting their members know about the film. If anyone can use A Sea Change, they can!

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